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Recent Meetings

    • (NOTE:  More info on each meeting presentation can be found within the AMRAD Newsletter, thanks to Dick Barth, W3HWN)
    • There was not an organized February meeting due to last-minute schedule conflicts,  just regular tacos sessions
    • For the January 12 meeting Terry Fox, N4TLF (via Skype) discussed CP/M emulators, 3D printing, and small CNC for making circuit boards.
    • The December 15 AMRAD meeting was the annual business meeting
    • The Nov 17 1:30pm AMRAD meeting  presentation was Introducing BooyaSDRWeb Remote Operation.  See these links:
    • and
    • At the September 22 meeting Karl Berger, W4KRL, dicsussed the use of APRS-IS as a cloud-based system for telemetry and simple messaging
    • Pat Gray presented “P25 / Public Safety Radio” on August 25
    • The AMRAD meeting on July 21 had a presentation by Stephen (Steve) Hughey, AK4R, on  ‘Innovations in Computer Aided Antenna Analysis’.  A short synopsis of an accompanying article with a couple of illustrative examples using ZPlots (AC6LA) and Antenna Analysis Program (AK4R) for the SARK 100 & Mini60 series analyzers that are may be of interest to the radio amateur followed by a brief Q&A session.
    • At the June 30 meeting, there was a review using the TYT CPS software to program the TYT MD2017.
    • At the May 12 meeting Ken Heitner WB4AKK  gave a presentation on RMS Express a WINLINK client.
    • The April 28th meeting had a presentation by Mike Toia on:  “How to Draw, Use the Smith Chart, and What It Means and Why”
    • At the March 2018 AMRAD meeting  Tom Wheeler (N0GSG) and Chuck Kraly (K0XM) presented Contact Manager, which is used for creating and modifying DMR radio codeplugs.  The Contact Manager website is:
    • The December 2017 meeting had two presentations by Michael Toia, K3MT titled: What is a radio Antenna? and: An Introduction to HF Ionospheric Radio Propagation
    • At the Thursday, June 15, 2017 meeting, Cory Sickles (WA3UVV) covered the Yaesu System Fusion.  This system provides digital and analog transmissions using C4FM.
    • At the Thursday, May 11, 2017 meeting, Pete McNeil discussed a broadband noise generator that he designed and built.
    • The April meeting was held on Thursday, April 20.  Howard Cunningham, WD5DBC, gave a presentation on the Raspberry Pi running WSJT-X, as described in the April 2017 issue of QST, by Steve Ford.
    • The March 2017 meeting was held on March  18 after tacos. A presentation on DMR was given by John Sichert (WA3LAO).
    • Monday, January 23, 2017, 7:00pm at Linaspace.  Reginald Eisenblatt, gave a presentation on the BooyaSDR – a VERY interesting device.  See:

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