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  • November 12 - Karl Berger, W4KRL, presented lessons learned while building and enhancing an Arduino-based Morse Decoder using the Goertzel algorithm for tone detection. He reviewed useful design tools including IdealCircuit for filter simulation and VeroDes for laying out a stripboard.

  • October 9 - Bill Liles, NQ6Z, discussed the race to make the first transatlantic two-way contact. The 1920s was an exiting time for amateur radio as hams were allowed back on the air after WWI. Bill drew on material from the RSGB archives as prepared by Elaine Richards, G4LFM.

  • September 11 - Terry McCarty, WA5NTI, gave an update on his work in promoting license training to emergency services and 4H clubs. Glenn Baumgartner, AK4QJ, updated us on his construction of moonbounce equipment

  • August 14 - Ray Cole, K4GAA, presented his work on cave radio communications at 3.5 kHz.

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The articles written by AMRAD members for the Newsletter cover a wide range of theoretical and practical topics in amateur radio technology. The current Newsletter is mailed to all members. Selected articles of widespread interest to the amateur radio community are freely available here: Featured Articles

Project Proposal - Weak Signal Detection

Frank Eliot W3WAG proposes development of an innovative weak signal mode. AMRAD members and others are asked to comment on and expand his concept described in this paper: Weak Signal Paper 2014.11.10.pdf

Pete KA3WCA ran some simulations, suggests a simplification to the receiver algorithm, and describes "Transmitted Reference" modulation schemes to reduce the effects of channel phase variations. WeakSignal KA3WCA 2014-11-20.pdf

KA3WCA further develops the math to correlate two different phases of the carrier and provides Python code to evaluate the correlation and phase angle. WeakSignal KA3WCA TwoPhaseCorrelation 2014-12-01.pdf

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