Upcoming Meetings

  • May 15, 2014, 7:30pm NOTE: THIRD THURSDAY - Practical Applications for High Speed Mesh Networks, Keith Elkin, KB3TCB

* June 12, 2014, 7:30pm NOTE: SECOND THURSDAY - TBD

Recent Meetings

  • April 17 - "Fun With Electric Motors"** Karl Berger, W4KRL reviewed the fundamentals of direct current motors and ran tests on a century-old open frame dc commutator motor that has slip rings connected to one rotor winding. This enabled observing the rotor voltage on an oscilloscope. All control of the motor control was done with an Arduino using Pulse Width Modulated power supplies, Hall-effect current sensors, and servo-driven instrumentation.
  • March 20 - "An Amateur-Radio Solution to Frequency-Hopping Synchronization"** AndrĂ© Kesteloot N4ICK and Maitland Bottoms AA4HS jointly presented a creative approach to the spread spectrum challenge posed by AndrĂ© in his December 2013 presentation.

  • February 13 - cancelled by snow

  • January 9 - "Rubidium Frequency Standards and Teardown" Frank Gentges, KØBRA, briefed us on rubidium frequency standards. Then, upholding a proud AMRAD tradition, he toredown a Frequency Electronics type FE-5682A standard.

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