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Upcoming Meetings (updated February 7)  

    • The February meeting (date TBD) will have a discussion by Steve Peterson on Capitalizing on members’ disaster response and technological skills, Mont Co CERT has developed a program to retain members’ interest in serving their community. The presentation discusses virtual activations by their VERT and includes lessons learned and best practices.

    • NOTE:  Monthly meetings are held at Linaspace, 2701 Prosperity Ave, Suite 215, Fairfax, VA 22031 after a tacos session.  (thanks to Mark Kanawati) (close to Tippy’s)  Meetings are usually on Saturday afternoons, and open to non-members. Consider yourself invited. Monthly meetings are reserved for technical talks
    • Map:,+Fairfax,+VA+22031/@38.8800696,-77.2375977,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b64b76d0c88fad:0x4547756b05b95cad!8m2!3d38.8800696!4d-77.235409
    • Saturday luncheons (also known as Tacos) are held every week around Noon at Tippy’s Taco House 8632 Lee Highway (US Rt 29) near Cedar Lane, Merrifield, (Fairfax), VA (Map and directions) Everyone is invited. There is no format: demonstrate your latest project, ask for technical assistance, or simply eat a tacos.

Recent Meetings

    • (NOTE:  More info on each meeting presentation can be found within the AMRAD Newsletter, thanks to Dick Barth, W3HWN)
    • For the January 12 meeting Terry Fox, N4TLF (via Skype) discussed CP/M emulators, 3D printing, and small CNC for making circuit boards.
    • The December 15 AMRAD meeting was the annual business meeting
    • The Nov 17 1:30pm AMRAD meeting  presentation was Introducing BooyaSDRWeb Remote Operation.  See these links:
    • and
    • At the September 22 meeting Karl Berger, W4KRL, dicsussed the use of APRS-IS as a cloud-based system for telemetry and simple messaging
    • Pat Gray presented “P25 / Public Safety Radio” on August 25
    • The AMRAD meeting on July 21 had a presentation by Stephen (Steve) Hughey, AK4R, on  ‘Innovations in Computer Aided Antenna Analysis’.  A short synopsis of an accompanying article with a couple of illustrative examples using ZPlots (AC6LA) and Antenna Analysis Program (AK4R) for the SARK 100 & Mini60 series analyzers that are may be of interest to the radio amateur followed by a brief Q&A session.
    • At the June 30 meeting, there was a review using the TYT CPS software to program the TYT MD2017.
    • At the May 12 meeting Ken Heitner WB4AKK  gave a presentation on RMS Express a WINLINK client.
    • The April 28th meeting had a presentation by Mike Toia on:  “How to Draw, Use the Smith Chart, and What It Means and Why”
    • At the March 2018 AMRAD meeting  Tom Wheeler (N0GSG) and Chuck Kraly (K0XM) presented Contact Manager, which is used for creating and modifying DMR radio codeplugs.  The Contact Manager website is:
    • The December 2017 meeting had two presentations by Michael Toia, K3MT titled: What is a radio Antenna? and: An Introduction to HF Ionospheric Radio Propagation
    • At the Thursday, June 15, 2017 meeting, Cory Sickles (WA3UVV) covered the Yaesu System Fusion.  This system provides digital and analog transmissions using C4FM.
    • At the Thursday, May 11, 2017 meeting, Pete McNeil discussed a broadband noise generator that he designed and built.
    • The April meeting was held on Thursday, April 20.  Howard Cunningham, WD5DBC, gave a presentation on the Raspberry Pi running WSJT-X, as described in the April 2017 issue of QST, by Steve Ford.
    • The March 2017 meeting was held on March  18 after tacos. A presentation on DMR was given by John Sichert (WA3LAO).
    • Monday, January 23, 2017, 7:00pm at Linaspace.  Reginald Eisenblatt, gave a presentation on the BooyaSDR – a VERY interesting device.  See:

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