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The 147.81/21 AMRAD repeater is down temporarily.  The repeater committee is working to resolve the issue.

Please check the Upcoming Events below for various amateur-related events.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Monthly meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month, starting at 7:30 PM at the Tysons-Pimmit Regional 7584 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. (Map and directions) Meetings are open to non-members, consider yourself invited. Monthly meetings are reserved for technical talks
  • Saturday luncheons (also known as Tacos) are held every week around Noon at Tippy’s Taco House 8632 Lee Highway (US Rt 29) near Cedar Lane, Merrifield, (Fairfax), VA (Map and directions) Everyone is invited. There is no format: demonstrate your latest project, ask for technical assistance, or simply eat a taco.
  • Thursday, September 10, 7:30pm – Mark Kanawati, N4TPY
    • Mark will tell us about his new satellite project and collect ideas from AMRAD members for an onboard ham payload project.
    • Tysons Pimmit Library, 7584 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043
  • Thursday, October 8, Tysons Pimmit Library, 7584 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043 – to be announced

Recent Meetings

  • August 13 – George LeMaster, WB5OYP
  • July – description coming…
  • June 11 – AMRAD 40th Anniversary Dinner – AMRAD friends and members enjoyed a social dinner and celebrated the accomplishments of AMRAD since its founding in 1975.  Bill Fenn, N4TS, Mark Kanawati,  N4TPY, and Bob Bruninga, WB4APR made presentations.
  • May 14 – Pete McNeil, KF4HCW, “Digital Modulation Description Language”. While considering remote operations on HF there are two problems: 1. Most digital modes done these days require a lot of bandwidth because the signals are being transmitted and received as digitized audio (or worse), and 2. Network delays introduce timing problems inherent in CW work that are not normally apparent in half-duplex digital and audio work. Pete shared his thoughts on developing a method to send digital timing information rather than analog audio to the transmitter and use direct synthesis to perform high fidelity modulation. It may be possible to use the descriptive language to code every currently known modulation scheme and then later use the same mechanism for schemes that have not yet been invented.
  • April 2 – Bill Liles, NQ6Z, presented significant propagation data taken by hams during solar eclipses in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Discussion included possible AMRAD involvement in measurements during the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse. For details of “The Great Radio Atmospheric Propagation Experiment” see

Upcoming Events

  • August 14-30.  The Enigma Award special event is to honor Marian Rejewski, whose successes in cracking Enigma cipher changed course of events during World War II.  For more information, see:
  • September 22 through 27 Pope Francis visits the United States and amateur radio will be part of the celebration. Throughout the 6 day event (September 23 0000Z – September 28 0000Z) 6 special event amateur radio stations will be on the air to commemorate the event.  Call signs from the Washington, DC area will be K3P and N4P.  From New York and New Jersey the call will be K2P.  W3FRC/WMF will be on the air from southeastern Pennsylvania and W3P will be on the air in Philadelphia.  WM3PEN, also of Philadelphia, will join in Thursday evening at 8 PM EST (Friday 0000 GMT).  Four unique qsl cards will be available along with a certificate to mark this special and historic event.  A website is being established for QSL and certificate information. Early information and links can be found on the WM3PEN website.