News - is now a Wiki.

Yes, there is a new way to add content at

As a wiki, it has a sandbox

Wiki editing access is for AMRAD members, newsletter authors, meeting speakers and other invited guests.

When clicking on Edit in the left sidebar, you will authenticate yourself as a member. Your initial credentials are your callsign (in upper case) and password from your AMRAD Newsletter mailing label. (That is in the form PW#####, appearing above your name. If it is not there, then you are currently not paid up, or you have one of our complimentary copies.)

There are a few levels of confusion in the authentication process:

  • Your username and password are protected in transit over the Internet by an https:// channel.

  • The https:// uses the self-signed certificate of the host:

  • Self-signed certificates used by web servers will most likely cause your browser to complain.

  • Since the hostname given is not the host, your browser will complain.

  • You will have to tell your browser that you accept this connection and the certificate.

  • You will then get the prompt window for your AMRAD username and password.

  • Members without a callsign use last name in uppercase for a username.

  • Most members will use the callsign in uppercase for a username.

  • Use the password from the Newsletter label - type the PW in uppercase and the 5 digits.

  • You are welcome to request another username and password pair... secure form for that will be ready soon.

Enjoy the Wiki

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