Terry Fox, N4TLF, created a series of articles for the AMRAD newsletter in 2016-2017.


  • Terry Fox, N4TLF, began a multiple-part series on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) in the Sep-Oct 2016 issue of the AMRAD Newsletter.  Part 1 provided some simplified theory of modern DDS integrated circuits, based on Analog Devices parts.  Further information regarding DDS usage will be provided in subsequent issues, and below.
  • Part 1, expanded Excel table of Analog Devices DDS information (revised Feb.2017): RevisedDDS_Table1
  • Part 1, DDS Figure 1: figure1
  • Part 1, Pictures of some DDS modules: otherdds2
  • Part 1, pictures of Chinese DDS modules, Type I and Type II:type1_type2
  • Part 2, zipped C# Project files for 2007 DDS software by dds_controller Yahoo group.  Includes source for driving several Analog Devices DDS chips (in user directory).  Originally for David Brainerd (WB6DHW) PIC/DDS/QSD board, much of this project could also work with a Sparkfun USB Bit Whacker (UBW).  This was a C# project, but much of the code looks like C++.  For example only (zipped): FW_C_Oct28_2007
  • Part 3, Arduino DDS programming speed test sketches (zipped):  DDSspeedTest
  • Part 4 will describe how to add FM modulation (FM broadcast or 2M) to the Arduino/DDS combination.