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Newsletter Index 2001 to Present

2014Nov - DecMinutes of October 11, 2014 Board MeetingBerger, KarlW4KRL
2014Nov - DecAMRAD's Twitter FeedBerger, KarlW4KRL
2014Nov - DecPhotos of Equipment from the AWA Museum
2014Nov - DecThe Antique Wireless SocietyMooney, Paul J.K4KRE
2014Nov - DecThe AMRAD CrosswordFenn, BillN4TS
2014Sep - OctTBD
2014Jul - AugMinutes of May 24, 2014 Board MeetingBerger, KarlW4KRL
2014Jul - AugFounding Member Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, Elected as President Emeritus
2014Jul - AugBoard ResolutionBerger, KarlW4KRL
2014Jul - AugThe Doomsday Machine: The HP8655A Spectrum AnalyzerGentges, FrankKØBRA
2014Jul - AugThe Northern Virginian Peasant AlgorithmKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2014Jul - AugAmateur Radio Computer Compatible NetworksElkin, KeithKB3TCB
2014May - Jun "Synchronizing an Amateur Radio Frequency Hopping Spread-Spectrum System"Kesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2014May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Karl Berger, W4KRL, "Arduino Motor Control"Barth, DickW3HWN
2014May - JunAMRAD at the 2014 Vienna Wireless Winterfest
2014Mar - AprTBD
2014Jan - FebA Spread-Spectrum Frequency-Hopping Transmitter ModuleKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2014Jan - FebDip into the Archives - 100 Years of Amateur Aerials"Liles, BillNQ6Z
2014Jan - FebAMRAD 2013 Party Photos
2013Nov - DecTBD
2013Sep - OctTBD
2013Jul - AugTBD
2013May - JunDavid Wilson Borden, K8MMO (SK)
2013May - JunAn RF Transmitter Project that Uses The Raspberry Pi"Feinstein, HalWB3KDU
2013May - JunSynopsis of April 2013 presentation by Ron Payne, WA6YOU, "Over-the-Air Digital Television and Field-Expedient TV Antennas"Barth, DickW3HWN
2013May - JunReview of "Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE, Edited by Leigh Klotz Jr. WA5ZNU"Berger, KarlW4KRL
2013May - JunSynopsis of March 2013 presentation by Andrea Hartlage, KG4IUM, "Involving Youth in Ham Radio and A Look Inside the ARRL Board Room"Barth, DickW3HWN
2013Mar - AprVienna Wireless Winterfest Photos
2013Mar - AprAMRAD Minutes of January 19, 2013 Board MeetingBerger, KarlW4KRL
2013Mar - AprSynopsis of February 2013 presentation by Paul Mooney, K4KRE, "An Experimental SDR Project"Barth, DickW3HWN
2013Mar - AprOp-Amp Development KitBerger, KarlW4KRL
2013Mar - AprHUMOR - An AMRAD Microprocessor ProjectTime, Paul JustinJ1NTM
2013Mar - AprSynopsis of January 2013 presentation by Jim Veatch, WA3EUJ, "ARRL Homebrew Challenges"Barth, DickW3HWN
2013Jan - FebAMRAD December 13, 2012 Minutes of Annual MeetingBerger, KarlW4KRL
2013Jan - FebSynopsis of November 2012 presentation by AndréKesteloot, N4ICK, "A 40-Meter Class E Rig", and George Lemaster, WB5OYP, "Non-Linear Effects"Barth, DickW3HWN
2013Jan - FebGlenn Baumgartner's Moon BounceMooney, Paul J.K4KRE
2013Jan - FebAMRAD 2012 Financial Report, Presented at 2012 Annual MeetingBottoms, MaitlandAA4HS
2012Nov - DecArduino FunFox, TerryWB4JFI
2012Nov - DecA Low-Cost Introduction to Software Defined RadioMooney, Paul J.K4KRE
2012Nov - DecSynopsis of Sept. 2012 presentation by John Donaldson, AB8YZ,"Applications of HSMM-MESH"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Sep - OctSynopsis of August 2012 presentation by Bob Sullivan, W0YVA,"Boat Anchor Restoration"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Sep - OctJoe Novak, K4OVK (SK)
2012Sep - OctSynopsis of June 2012 presentation by Sir Richard O’Neill, Wizard (a.k.a. KB3RSJ),"How to Make a Crystal Set"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Sep - OctSynopsis of May 2012 presentation by Kevin Whipp, W3KDW, David Bern, W2LNX and Vic Nardo, WB2U,"HSMM-MESH"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Sep - OctPicture of ARRL Stand at Berryville 2012 Hamfest
2012Jul - AugSynopsis of March 2012 presentation by Terry McCarty, WA5NTI, "Automating a Ham Station (DXLab)"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Jul - AugA Dollar Store Boost Mode Converter for LED BulbsBerger, KarlW4KRL
2012Jul - AugSynopsis of April 2012 presentation by Brennan Price, N4QX, "WARC-12 and a Possible domestic Allocation at 472-479 kHz"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012May - JunFurther to the ABC of uPsKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2012May - JunAMRAD Displays SMT Soldering at the National Electronics Museum Robot FestFenn, BillN4TS
2012May - JunSynopsis of Jan. 2012 presentation by Greg LeSage, N6LYU, "The Terminated Folded Dipole (T2FD) Antenna"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012May - JunReview: "The Spiratronics Picaxe Dice Project Kit"York, DavidK9KUB
2012May - JunReprint, "Practical Radio Ideas, misc tube and other"
2012May - JunPhoto: AMRAD Gang One Saturday at Tacos
2012May - JunAdding an Auxiliary Input to a Bose SoundDockKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2012May - JunBasic OFDMFeinstein, HalWB3KDU
2012May - JunUnconditional Stability of Design (continued)Rinaldo, PaulW4RI
2012May - JunThe ABC of uPsKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2012Jan - FebSynopsis of November 2011 presentation by Dr. Michael King, "Software Defined Radio Systems"Barth, DickW3HWN
2012Jan - FebMinutes of AMRAD Annual Meeting, December 15, 2011Berger, KarlW4KRL
2012Jan - FebTreasurer's Report, December 15, 2011Bottoms, MaitlandAA4HS
2012Jan - FebDesigning for Unconditional StabilityRinaldo, PaulW4RI
2011Nov - DecSynopsis of October 2011 presentation by Bill Fenn, W4TS and Paul Rinaldo, W4RI,"Digital Amateur Television"Barth, DickW3HWN
2011Nov - DecA Dollar Store Switch Mode Power SupplyBerger, KarlW4KRL
2011Nov - DecSDR CUBE - Follow-UpFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Sep - OctThe Saga of W3UFenn, Bill & Barth, DickN4TS & W3HWN
2011Sep - OctI'll Have My SDR To Go, along with a bag of chipsFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Sep - OctSDR CUBE - An Initial OverviewFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Sep - OctAMRAD at the 2011 ARRL Field DayGentges, Frank & Fenn, BillKØBRA & N4TS
2011Sep - OctAdding RF Level Control to FPGA Signal GeneratorFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Jul - AugDick Barth Synopsis of June 2011 presentation by Christopher Patton, W3CUM/DC006, "SKYWARN"Barth, DickW3HWN
2011Jul - AugSynopsis of May 2011 presentation by Terry Fox, WB4JFI, "Update on AMRAD: Charleston Chapter, Projects"(via Skype)
2011May - JunFPGAs Verilog Programming BasicsFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011May - JunAMRAD Field Trip to WMAL Transmitter Site
2011May - JunYes, Virginia. There is Life after AMRADGentges, FrankK0BRA
2011May - JunSynopsis of Feb. 2011 presentation by Mike Toia, K3MT, "HF Antennas Close to the Ground-the Grass Wire Antenna"Barth, DickW3HWN
2011Mar - AprSynopsis of Jan. 2011 presentation by Bill Fenn, N4TS, and Frank Gentges, KØBRA, "Cooking with SMDs"Barth, DickW3HWN
2011Mar - AprFPGAs Verilog Programming BasicsFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Mar - AprAMRAD at Orlando HamcationGentges, FrankKØBRA
2011Jan - FebAMRAD Minutes of Annual Meeting, Dec. 14, 2010
2011Jan - FebFPGAs from DummiesFox, TerryWB4JFI
2011Jan - FebAMRAD Minutes of Board Meeting, December 18, 2010
2011Jan - FebSynopsis of Nov.2010 presentation by Doug Lindsey, KB3HER, "SHARES, MARS and Emergency Communications"Barth, DickW3HWN
2011Jan - FebSynopsis of Oct. 2010 presentation by Terry Fox, WB4JFI, "Developments in SDR: The Charleston Receiver and Quisk"(via Skype)Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Nov - DecPhoto Gallery of Green Bank Visit
2010Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Andrew Clegg, W4JE, "The PERSEUS SDR Receiver"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Nov - DecCharleston Receiver and QuiskFox, TerryWB4JFI
2010Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Maitland Bottoms, AA4HS, "Radio over Internet Protocols, AMRAD Repeater Enhancements"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Sep - OctWSPR as an Emergency Status Beacon in Major Disasters: A ProposalMitz, AndrewWA3LTJ
2010Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, "Radio Propagation Prediction Methods"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Jul - AugiSDR: Now There's an App for That!Fox, TerryWB4JFI
2010Jul - AugThrough the Charleston Receiver, QuisklyFox, TerryWB4JFI
2010Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Greg P. Le Sage, N6LYU, "The Automatic Z-Match Tuner"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Greg P. Le Sage, N6LYU, "The L-Network Impedence Matcher"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Steve Stearns, K6OIK, "The Smith Chart and its use in Matching Antennas..."Barth, DickW3HWN
2010May - JunCharleston SDR Receiver Software - HELP WANTED!Fox, TerryWB4JFI
2010Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Mark Kanawati, N4TPY, "Texas-A Technical eXchange on AIS via Satellite"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Mar - AprRoger A. Geesey, KG4IRH, SK
2010Jan - FebAMRAD Minutes of Board Meeting, Dec. 12, 2009
2010Jan - FebSynopsis of presentation by Ron Payne, WA6YOU, "Field-Expedient Antennas"Barth, DickW3HWN
2010Jan - FebIRLP on the AMRAD RepeaterGentges, FrankKØBRA
2010Jan - FebAn Arduino ProjectMooney, PaulK4KRE
2009Nov - DecRandy Mays, WA6RAM, SKKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2009Nov - DecCharleston Group BuildGentges, FrankKØBRA
2009Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Dr. Joe White, WB4OLN, "Time and Frequency Transfer Using TV Signals"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Nov - DecIs the FPGA the signal processing implementation of the future?Gentges, FrankKØBRA
2009Sep - OctCharleston Exciter for Nexys2 FPGA BoardFox, TerryWB4JFI
2009Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Bill Fenn, N4TS, "The Transition to Digital TV and the ATSC Format"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Sep - OctSurplus Rubidium Frequency StandardsGentges, FrankKØBRA
2009Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Hal Feinstein, WB3KDU, "Fiber Optic Communications"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Jul - AugCharleston SDR ReceiverFox, TerryWB4JFI
2009Jul - AugMinutes of the June 6, 2009 AMRAD Board Meeting
2009May - JunDigital Sampling Oscilloscope ReviewGentges, FrankKØBRA
2009May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Greg P. Le Sage, N6LYU, "RF Linear Electron Accelerators"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Frederick H.(Fritz) Raab, W1FR, "WD2SXH -- The ARRL 500kHz Experiment"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Rob Seastrom, AI4UC, and Maitland Bottoms, AA4HS, "Implementation of the AMRAD Wiki"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Jan - FebSummary of AMRAD Meeting, December 6
2009Jan - FebPhoto-Electric Amplifier (PEA)Franke, John M.WA4WDL
2009Jan - FebSynopsis of presentation by Rob Seastrom, AI4UC, "An AMRAD Wiki"Barth, DickW3HWN
2009Jan - FebFeeding my iPhoneKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2008Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by R.C. Hansen, "Matching Electrically Short Antennas"Barth, DickW3HWN
2008Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Greg P. Le Sage, N6LYU, "RF Skywave Propagation"Barth, DickW3HWN
2008Sep - OctA Taste of Radio AstronomyFeinstein, HalWB3KDU
2008Sep - OctRadios for an AMRAD Six-meter ProjectChisena, MikeKA2ZEV
2008Jul - AugPictures of AMRAD presence at Dayton and Skip Pratt's QTH
2008Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Tom Lauzon, P.E., KI4AFE, "RF Exposure Calculations for Hams"Barth, DickW3HWN
2008Jul - AugAMRAD Board of Directors June 7, 2008 Meeting
2008Jul - AugEssential Features for Emergency F1/F1 OperationsMitz, AndrewWA3LTJ
2008May - JunThe Parakeet, a Repeater Controller for Emergency F1/F1 OperationKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2008May - JunSDR-F Hardware Design - 2008 UpdateFox, TerryWB4JFI
2008May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, "APRS, the Automatic Packet Reporting System"Barth, DickW3HWN
2008Mar - AprAPRS Meteor Scatter Email SystemBruninga, BobWB4APR
2008Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Paul Najarian, "The Intelligent Transportation System"Barth, DickW3HWN
2008Mar - AprSoftware Defined RadioGentges, FrankKØBRA
2008Jan - FebSummary of 2007 Annual Meeting
2008Jan - FebTreasurer's Report 2007
2008Jan - FebAn Interview with David Brainerd, WB6DHW
2008Jan - FebA Review of Basic Error Correcting CodesFeinstein, HalWB3KDU
2007Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Andrew Clegg, W4JE, "Radio Astronomy"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007Sep - OctA Low Voltage-drop Reverse Voltage Protection SchemeKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2007Sep - OctAMRAD Bench at ARRL HQRinaldo, PaulW4RI
2007Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by David Kuraner, K2DK, "Restoration of Vintage Ham Equipment"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007Sep - OctMarius Novi, WB4ENI, SK
2007Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Dennis Sweeney, WA4LPR, "Beyond the Cell Phone: Wireless Widgets and Part 15"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007Jul - AugPrototype DDS and QSD BoardFox, TerryWB4JFI
2007Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Robert J. Fontana, AK3Y, "Ultra-Wideband Technology - An Update"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007May - JunAn SDR Hardware Design Example - SDR-FFox, TerryWB4JFI
2007May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Frank Gentges, KØBRA, "Software Defined Radios (SDR)"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007May - JunThe Garmin Placer GPS 455-DRBarth, DickW3HWN
2007Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Maj. Gen. (USA, Ret) Charles G. (Chuck) Sutten Jr. "Tactical Communications”Barth, DickW3HWN
2007Mar - AprAn Operator's Perspective, 1956-2006
2007Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Hal Feinstein, WB3KDU, "Ad Hoc Mobile Networks - Networks Without an Infrastructure"Barth, DickW3HWN
2007Mar - AprThe Biggest Junk Box in the WorldCullen, BillW8MAU
2007Mar - AprYet Another Morse Code generator/IderKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2007Mar - AprReport from the Winterfest
2007Jan - FebSound Cards, SoftRocks, and SDRsFox, TerryWB4JFI
2007Jan - FebAn UpConverter for the 500kHz BandKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2007Jan - FebMinutes of Annual Meeting, and Treasurer's Report 2007
2006Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, "Amateur Preparations for WARC-07"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Nov - DecExpanded Scale VoltmeterBerger, KarlW4KRL
2006Nov - DecZero Beat?Kesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2006Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Byron "Bo" Genner, Lucent, "Next Generation Networks: 3G and IMS"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Sep - OctCircularly Polarized Antenna for HFBruhns, BobWA3WDR
2006Sep - OctA 100 Watt CW Transmitter for the 500kHz BandKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2006Jul - AugAMRAD Board of Directors Elects Terry Fox, WB4JFI, as President Emeritus
2006Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Dick Parks, "Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NCTR)"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Mike Toia, K3MT, "Understanding Antennas - a Mostly Math-free Approach"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Jul - AugOff to the RacesBarth, DickW3HWN
2006Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Terry Fox, WB4JFI, and Hal Feinstein, WB3KDU, "An Appreciation, and Plans for the Future"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006May - Jun136kHz Propagation UpdateMelia, AlanG3NYK
2006May - JunTransmitter/Driver for 136kHzO'Conner, FinbarEI0CF
2006May - JunWhen Neatness CountsO'Dell, MikeN4NLN
2006May - JunAn Oven For Your ExperimentsKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2006Mar - AprThe AMRAD Active Antenna After Five YearsGentges, FrankKØBRA
2006Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Dennis Sweeney, WA4LPR, "GPS-Locked Frequency Standard"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Paul Mooney, K4KRE, "Crystal Receiving Sets (slides)"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Jan - FebSynopsis of presentation by , "Operating tubes at Low Plate Voltages"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Jan - FebSynopsis of presentation by Ian McFadyen, KI4HLV, "AMRAD Participation in the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon"Barth, DickW3HWN
2006Jan - FebAMRAD Annual Meeting Report and Treasurer's Summary Report
2005Nov - DecThe Xero-Point: Feeding a Dipole With Coax Without a BalunBruhns, BobWA3WDR
2005Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Bob Curry, KC3VO, "KiloWatt Motorcycle Trailer"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Henry Lee, KB1PE, "LF Experiments"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Nov - DecFRS, GMRS, and PMR446
2005Nov - DecManassas BPL Events
2005Sep - OctOne-JFET BFO Low-Frequency Crystal Receiving SetTuggle, MikeWY3B
2005Sep - OctPictures of AMRAD Van at Field Day
2005Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Ed Kennedy, "HAARP"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Sep - OctFrom Our Middle East CorrespondentChisena, MikeKA2ZEV
2005Jul - AugThe Ohm's Law PuzzleKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2005Jul - AugAMRAD Extra-Ordinary Board of Directors Meeting May 7, 2005
2005Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Hal Feinstein, WB3KDU, "The 802.11 Protocol"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Ron Payne, WA6YOU, "Attaching Coax Connectors"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Jul - AugReview: "Practical Radio Frequency Test & Measurement"Rinaldo, PaulW4RI
2005May - JunComplementary Class-D Power Amplifier for LF and MFRaab, Fritz & Gladu, Mike & Rupp, DanN1FBZ/2
2005May - JunOhm's Law, and All That…Kesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2005Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Frank Maas, "Video Compression Methods"Barth, DickW3HWN
2005Mar - AprAn Emergency Supply for the HomeKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2005Jan - FebAMRAD Van Work Party with pictures
2005Jan - FebMinutes of AMRAD Annual Meeting December 9, 2004
2005Jan - FebMinutes of AMRAD Board of Directors Meeting December 18, 2004
2005Jan - FebTreasurer's Report 2004
2004Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Ron Payne, WA6YOU, "Improvised Antennas"Barth, DickW3HWN
2004Nov - DecSynopsis of presentation by Steve Cerwin, WA5FRF, "BPL Measurements"Barth, DickW3HWN
2004Sep - OctCalibrating your Receiver S-meterKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2004Sep - OctSynopsis of presentation by Tom Lauzon, KI4AFE, "RF Safety"Barth, DickW3HWN
2004Jul - AugFirst Steps in Python for the Radio AmateurFeinstein, HalWB3KDU
2004Jul - AugCall for Participation in AMRAD's Vehicle ProjectRinaldo, PaulW4RI
2004Jul - AugOf This and ThatKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2004May - JunAlan Melina, G3NYK, "A Possible Way of Forecasting Good Radio Propagation Conditions on 136kHz"
2004May - JunARRL, "FCC proposes wide-ranging changes to Amateur Service Rules"
2004May - JunARRL, "FCC okays RF Identification tags at 433.5 to 434.5 MHz"
2004May - JunARRL, "ARRL Technology Task Force Forum Set for Hamvention 2004"
2004May - JunDigital Radio Mondiale on the CheapKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2004Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Hal Feinstein, WB3KDU, "Python: A Computer Language"Barth, DickW3HWN
2004Mar - AprTom Azlin, N4ZPT, "Concept: Automatic BPL Monitor"
2004Jan - FebAMRAD Annual Meeting, December 11, 2003
2004Jan - FebPictures from new AMRAD Repeater site at Tysons Corners
2004Jan - FebOperating Relays on 1/2 Their Rated VoltageKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2004Jan - FebFoundation for Amateur Radio solicits Scholarship Applications
2003Nov - DecJohn Champa,K8OCL, Gerry Creager,N5JXS, Ron Olexa,KA3JIJ, "HSMM Microwave Digital radio"
2003Nov - Dec22nd ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference
2003Sep - OctBPL in MarylandKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2003Sep - OctFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "AMRAD HomePlug Test Bed"
2003Jul - AugA 16-Pole Audio Filter?Kesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2003Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by Ron Payne, WA6YOU, "Antenna Construction Made Easy: A 440MHz J-Pole"Barth, DickW3HWN
2003Jul - AugEuropean NDB ListsKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2003Jul - AugFCC Actions: NOI on BPL, NPRM for unlicensed devices
2003May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Maitland Bottoms, AA4HS, "From Internet to RF Nets: Software and Amateur Radio"Barth, DickW3HWN
2003May - JunIan, G3ZHI, "Internet Radio Linking Project"
2003Mar - AprSynopsis of presentation by Jim Howland, MITRE, "Wifi: 802.11 Protocols"Barth, DickW3HWN
2003Mar - AprThe I5TGC LF-Preamplifier ReduxKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2003Mar - AprMinutes of AMRAD Board of Directors Meeting January 11, 2003
2003Mar - AprAMRAD Annual Meeting, January 9, 2003
2003Jan - FebMinutes of AMRAD Board of Directors Meeting December 21, 2002
2003Jan - FebCorrespondence on AMRAD's Tacos Server
2003Jan - FebPaul Rinaldo, W4RI, "LF News"
2003Jan - FebA Very Low-Power 136 kHz Test TransmitterKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2003Jan - FebNews from the IARU Region 1 Conference
2003Jan - FebNew Video Coding Standard Delivers Major Advances in Image Quality
2003Jan - FebARRL High Speed Multimedia Web Site,
2002Nov - DecFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "LF Network Analyzer"
2002Nov - DecCharles W. Rhodes, "Digital Television (DTV) Briefing to AMRAD"
2002Sep - OctA. Maitland Bottoms, AA4HS, "Internet Remote LF Receiver"
2002Jul - AugPaul L. Rinaldo, W4RI, "AMRAD HF Flexible Loop Antenna"
2002May - JunFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "AMRAD LF Noise Generator"
2002Apr-MayM Johnston via Alan Melia, G3NYK, "A History of Rugby Radio"
2002Jan - FebA Remote LF ReceiverKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2002Jan - FebPaul Rinaldo, W4RI and George Lemaster, WB5OYP, "Amateur Digital Voice Debuts"
2002Jan - FebPaul Rinaldo, W4RI, "Digital Voice Bibliography"
2001Nov - DecFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "The AMRAD LF Upconverter Project"
2001Sep - OctOlivier Ernst, F5LVG, "A Simple Frequency Stabilizer"
2001Sep - OctFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "AMRAD LF Toolbox Concept"
2001Jul - AugOn Digital ATVRinaldo, PaulW4RI
2001Jul - AugFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "Volna K Review"
2001Jul - AugSynopsis of presentation by James Howland, "Bluetooth"Barth, DickW3HWN
2001Jul - AugGeorge Lemaster, WB5OYP; Terry Fox, WB4JFI; Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, "Digital Amateur Television"
2001May - JunFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "Unraveling the dBm at LF"
2001May - JunSynopsis of presentation by Dr Robert Fontana, "Ultra-Wideband Technology"Barth, DickW3HWN
2001May - JunFrank Gentges, KØBRA, "Early Intermodulation History"
2001May - JunLF NotesKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2001Mar - AprDominique Delerablée, F1FRV, "Interface for use with Packet Modems"
2001Jan - FebDominique Delerablée, F1FRV, "Interface for Connection between Modems and Transceivers"
2001Jan - FebLF NotesKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2001Jan - FebBook Review: The RSGB's Low Frequency Experimenter's HandbookKesteloot, AndréN4ICK
2001Jan - FebBook Review:" Digital Audio Processing"Bruhns, BobWA3WDR
2001Jan - FebReducing FSK Bandwidth with GMSKBruhns, BobWA3WDR