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  I suggest we kick around this list of AMRAD Best Practices until
March, at which time we publish it in the April Newsletter where normal
people (whoever they are) will think it is an April First funny article
but everyone "in the know" will realize it is fact....david.....k8mmo

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AMRAD Best Practices

1. For new or previously owned equipment just acquired, the manual must not be read until after the smoke test.  Reading the manual before testing will void the warranty (expressed or implied).

2. Never admit in public that all projects begin with three months of procrastination.

3. When estimating time to project completion, always multiply the expected by four when reporting to the AMRAD Board of Directors (BoD).

4. When estimating expected cost, always multiply the expected by four when requesting money from the AMRAD BoD.

5. All initial designs of proposed projects, including initial software coding, must be done on a Taco napkin which is retained as Requirements Manual, Configuration Manual, User Manual, Unit Development Folder, System Testing Manual and Newsletter report.

6. Never use a correctly sized screwdriver when a nail clipper will work.

7. Never use a hammer when an old 300 baud modem will work.

8.  When an AMRAD member is proceeding to Microcenter, EEB, or another toy store, other AMRAD members are required to accompany them to the store to chant "Buy It, Buy It" at the appropriate time.

9. When falling off a roof, the AMRAD members HT must always be removed from the hip pocket first so as to avoid injury to the radio device.

10. Every project requires a more powerful and smaller computer than the last project.

11. All toys must be demonstrated at Taco before being placed in day to day operational use.  Attempts should be made not to scare the Taco personnel with laser beams, microwave bursts, etc.