LF wonders

Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 11:33:36 -0500

Taco Gang,

(a) I am now the proud owner of a US Navy receiver, type
RBA-CFT-46154, covering from 15KHz through 600KHz. (Obtained
from its past owner, Gerald N4GA)

Built in 1942 and weighing 95 pounds, it is undoubtedly the
actual boat anchor, but it has the great advantage of being
a TRF receiver: 3 RF tuned amplifier stages (6SK7) followed
by a detector and some audio amplifier stages.  As a TRF
receiver, it has no local oscillator that can drift, etc.

(b) at midnight yesterday, I heard for a fairly long time a
station that simply identifies itself incessantly in slow
morse code: CLB on 215.25KHz.  Does anyone know what that
station could be?

(c) this morning around 10:00 am (EST), I heard on 220 KHz a
station transmitting in Farsi. It faded in and out, but the
language was quite recognizable. I then called Terry WB4JFI,
who heard it too on a Sony receiver.  Because of the number
of tuned circuit in my Navy receiver, I doubt that my front
stage was overloaded, and that what I was hearing was a beat
of two US transmitters on medium wave (although it is
possible).   I shall try and record it later (if it comes
back) and play it back for some friend of mine who
understand Farsi , and will --I hope-- tell me whether this
is a local (US) transmission, or some incredible path from
Iran to the East Coast of the US.