LF wonders

Elton & Nancy Sanders esanders@pop.erols.com
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 19:38:01 -0500

CLB 216 khz Carolina Beach Wilmington N.C.
 you can down load a list (30 pages landscape Excel format) I will give the
you the url when I can find it again.

At 11:33 AM 2/8/98 -0500, Andre Kesteloot wrote:
>Taco Gang,
>(a) I am now the proud owner of a US Navy receiver, type
>RBA-CFT-46154, covering from 15KHz through 600KHz. (Obtained
>from its past owner, Gerald N4GA)
>Built in 1942 and weighing 95 pounds, it is undoubtedly the
>actual boat anchor, but it has the great advantage of being
>a TRF receiver: 3 RF tuned amplifier stages (6SK7) followed
>by a detector and some audio amplifier stages.  As a TRF
>receiver, it has no local oscillator that can drift, etc.
>(b) at midnight yesterday, I heard for a fairly long time a
>station that simply identifies itself incessantly in slow
>morse code: CLB on 215.25KHz.  Does anyone know what that
>station could be?
>(c) this morning around 10:00 am (EST), I heard on 220 KHz a
>station transmitting in Farsi. It faded in and out, but the
>language was quite recognizable. I then called Terry WB4JFI,
>who heard it too on a Sony receiver.  Because of the number
>of tuned circuit in my Navy receiver, I doubt that my front
>stage was overloaded, and that what I was hearing was a beat
>of two US transmitters on medium wave (although it is
>possible).   I shall try and record it later (if it comes
>back) and play it back for some friend of mine who
>understand Farsi , and will --I hope-- tell me whether this
>is a local (US) transmission, or some incredible path from
>Iran to the East Coast of the US.