Newsletter Article!

Andre Kesteloot
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:50:59 -0500

1) I can do two pages on my VLF exceiter, including printouts of the scope screens.
2) you want someone to write a "pre-trip report" of the Annapolis visit?

Randy Mays wrote:

> We need articles for the next AMRAD newsletter, which must be published no later
> than the end of February!
> One article could be about the tour of the Navy radio station.  I realize the tour
> isn't until April 18th, but we've faced tougher situations than this.
> > Arrangements are being made to allow interested hams to tour the Navy
> > Transmitting Facility (NSS Annapolis).  The tentative date is Saturday, April
> > 18th.
> >