Earlier tests around 180 KHz

Bob Bruhns bbruhns@erols.com
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 06:13:28 -0500

I remembered a 1988 experimental LF transmission around 180
KHz, but couldn't locate the documentation until this morning. 
Finally found it:  AM Press/Exchange, issue 63, August 1988, page

  Coverage tests were scheduled between August and October 1988
by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) under
contract with Astron Corp.  Transmit locations were to be
Bumpass, VA and Carroll Island, MD.  Primary frequencies were to
be 185 KHz and 175 KHz.  Power output was to be 1 KW.  The
antenna was to be a triangle-shaped loop antenna 65 feet high at
the apex and 400 feet long at the base, made of #0 guage Litz
wire, capacitively tuned.  Reports from longwave listeners were
requested, a SPAWAR Washington, DC address was given.  Several
amateurs were reported to have been involved in the tests: AK4R,

  I read the test schedule in October 1988, which was near the
end of the tests, and I never heard the signal.

  Bob, WA3WDR