[Fwd: LF: RTTY on 136KHz]

Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 09:15:47 -0500

Whitty David NTC/UK-HU wrote:

> Very surprised, but pleased, that John heard my RTTY in Leicester.
> I purposely decreased power from 40 watts to about 15 watts primarily, to
> save cooking the PA stage secondly, being aware of the bandwidth required
> despite only using 170Hz shift.
> I decided to send some RTTY in an attempt to maintain local interest by
> non CW and class B licences holders who have shown great interest in the
> band.
> Unfortunately John, my RTTY was first copied by G4FFC on 8th Feb at 14:45
> (although I made a few test transmissions before that so there may be a
> prior claim).
> The VFO, running at 13.6MHz is reduced by 1.7MHz by switching a trimmer
> capacitor
> across the main capacitor. The FSK output of Hamcom (DTR pin) does the
> switching
> via a BC108. Incredibly simple but seems to be effective.
> Incidentally I am off the air at the moment, in my greed for more power I
> blew a tiny
> hole in the top of one of my PA transistors (accompanied by a tiny puff of
> smoke
> just to seal it's fate). If the new 100 watt PA isn't completed by next
> weekend I may
> try some QRP tests, just to see what's possible.
> Ps. I will keep the RTTY silent during the busy weekend periods as the band
> is
> becoming busy and space is at a premium.
> 73 all Dave G4FEV