David W. Borden dborden@laser.net
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 09:37:28 -0500

  I could have told you about R7 because I just read it yesterday when
trying to figure out how to get bios.cld into ROM. But you would have
had to say more about ROMing, I didn't trigger off that I knew something
for a change. 
  I now have the same problem at home that I usually have at work.  I
have different versions of everything everwhere at once.  My
configuration management is zilch.  I will work on that today.
  I am setting up the RYCOM Sandy brought over and will try and hear you
if you get around to the antenna problem.  Sandy solved the receive
antenna problem for me by lending me his active LF antenna, which I will
sit out on the porch or erect higher today (another trip to Radio Shack
required for F connectors, coax, etc.)
  I think you are really going to have a good demo Sunday.  Those little
PSK vectors moving around are impressive.  You know what would be really
neat?  What if the vectors were moving around and the text arriving to
the right side of the table and all you could hear on 188kHz was noise?
I don't mean hardwire the thing, I mean that you add attenuation on
receive (or transmit less or something) so the DSP is dragging the
goodies from below the noise floor.  Let's not get too ambitious for
Sunday, just a thought.
  I still have not achieved BPSK (Borden Phase Shift Keying), my
ultimate goal. I want to contribute some software code that does good in
DSPing the stuff.  Oh well, you have to crawl first (as my granddaughter
is discovering right now) before you can walk or run.
  Maybe I can do good by writing newsletter articles for the AMRAD Web
paper.  I will include plenty of Bob in there since you are achieving
all the real progress at the moment while the rest of us are fooling
around.  This is an old idea of Pauls.  A document person goes behind
the experimenter-researcher and writes it down for the rest of the world
to think about.
  Ok, back to work.  Keep in touch.  Remember 501-2301 is on my belt if
you want to speak anything, else dborden@laser.net gets checked real

Bob Bruhns wrote:
> David - I found out why the PSK program would not boot from
> flash.  two reasons: one, (oops) I had forgotten that register R1
> must be set to the top P address used by the program before
> running flash.asm (GO 7F00); and two, flash.asm stores only the P
> data, not X or Y.  Coefficients in X and Y must be loaded from P
> at runtime, and PSK does not do that.  This is why  Martinez
> suggests a different flash loader, which I do not have, and have
> not been able to find.
>   It almost worked; I was being fooled in warm-start testing
> because X and Y coefficients were already in RAM when I would
> reset - the P portion would reload and run, but the X and Y were
> only available because they had not been erased from RAM.  If I
> tried to boot from a cold start, X and Y would not be in place,
> and the program would not work.
>   So today I will try to write P to X-Y relocation into PSK31.
>   Bob