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Here's the beginnings of the next newsletter.  WE NEED MORE ARTICLES!


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The AMRAD Newsletter Electronic Edition

Hi Tech Ham Radio in Cyberspace and Outer Space (AO-27).

Volume XXV - - - - - - - - - Number 1

January-February 1998


Welcome to "V1N2"

Written by Randy Mays, WA6VFC

You are reading the electronic version of the AMRAD Newsletter. AMRAD members receive a printed copy of this newsletter, often with additional information and articles. If you are interested in joining AMRAD, please send a note to Join@AMRAD.ORG.

Winterfest '98 is over now and we have an article about AMRAD's participation from Dave Borden. First, here's a special announcement from the AMRAD Ohio Regional Office.

The Dayton Hamvestion will be held on May 15, 16, and 17. Keeping with the tradition of the past several years, Skip Pratt (N2FOE) is planning to host an informal cookout on Friday May 15th at his QTH west of the Dayton airport. All AMRAD members, and their friends are welcome to attend. As in the past, we'll gather around 4:30 and eat at 5:30 plus or minus (all times AST - AMRAD Standard Time). This is an informal event. No linens or silver allowed. You may bring expensive GPS receivers, HTs and other electronic goodies. We expect this to be an enjoyable event, rain or shine (and we've had experience with both in the past). If you plan to attend, please send e-mail to Skip at fpratt@dayton.adroit.com so right amount of refreshments can be airlifted in prior to the event.

Skip's address is: 10691 Kley Road, Vandalia, OH 45377 which is about 3 miles west of the Dayton International (one flight per day to Canada, eh?) Airport, and north of I-70. Skip's home phone is (937) 898-1869. GPS coordinates are 39 deg 54' 0.50"N, 084 deg 17' 01.6"W.

Editor's Note: If you haven't been to the Dayton Hamvention before, plan to go this year for sure. When the Hamvention was held in April, the weather was often a real problem. Since the dates have been moved to that open time slot between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, we've had pretty good weather. It was not unusual back in the old April days to run into snow showers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and I can remember some major league wind chill in Dayton on one occasion.

Click Here to See Dave's Article about Winterfest '98!

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