Paul L Rinaldo
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 14:23:42 +0100 (MET)

Dear Andre,

Both Terry and I have scanners, also Maitland I think. But please be aware
that present-day scanners and software are not too kind to schematics. They
tend to come out jagged. There are a few tricks that can make them better. I
suggest Randy have one of the previously mentioned people scan something and
evaluate the product. If Randy finds it adequate for the electronic
newsletter, then I'll support AMRAD purchasing one for his use.

73, Paul, HB/W4RI

At 08:57 AM 3/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Randy Mays wrote:
>> I don't remember seeing the articles, but between my usual activities and
>> pretty ill for the past month or so, that's not surprising.
> I shall have three pages for the next newsletter. Two will describe the
200 KHz
>exciter that we demonstrated at the Vienna Hamfest, and one will describe a
>antenna using toy balloons that was used by some else last year, and that
we may
>want to think about for our own use on VLF
>> We did talk to Sandy once about schematics, but I didn't follow up.
>With a pencil and a plastic template, I can draw a (fairly nice-looking)
>in 30 minutes, but it would take me   _hours_  to do with the CAD program I
have. I
>suspect the same would be true for Sandy.  I do  _not_  intend to spend
that kind of
>time to prepare perfect drawings, and I don't think we should ask Sandy to
do it
>Hence I suggest that we let everyone provide his own schematics, and let
them be
>printed, then scanned for the on-line Newsletter
>> I wonder if we might mention that at tacos today and see if someone has
an idea
>> for scanning
>> in the pictures.
>A scanner can cost between $100 and $500 for the moment, depending on all
sorts of
>variables. Although the ones that are connected to the // port are slower
than the
>ones using a scsi interface, they are also foolproof, I am told.  There are
>people at Tacos that know more about the subject than I do  :-)
>If it becomes necessary, in order to produce the _on line_ version of the
>Newsletter, to use a scanner, then I suppose AMRAD should buy a scanner and
>it to you.  You may want to raise that point with the Board of Directors.
>73  André
>> Andre wrote:
>> > unfortunately, you have not yet noticed that all my articles have
>> > attached...
>> > André
>> >