Randy Mays
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:21:05 -0500

The latest AMRAD Newsletter is completed and should be on
its way to you soon.  There are several technical articles.
There are some hard to see pictures.  The back page has been
updated and should be read with care.  One of the articles
had a picture of someone named "Bob."  In order to make all
the pages fit just right, I had to delete that picture, but
the picture is available in the electronic version of the

I am encouraged by the technical level of the current
articles.  I hope this marks a return to the newsletter I
remember when I first joined AMRAD.  It is important that
others write similar articles.  It is a challenge to come up
with six newsletters each year when we don't get very many
articles.  This causes a lot of stress for the people who
work on the newsletter.

There are some topics we could be covering if someone would
just take the time to write down the details.  For example,
what has happened to the funds allocated to getting the
repeater going again?  What sort of back room deals resulted
in a coverage area equivalent to a pizza delivery zone?  Or,
is there something sinister behind this sudden interest in
so-called "digital signal processing?"  What was being done
with these signals before?  Are any animals being endangered
in these experiments?

Something to think about...