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Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sat, 04 Apr 1998 08:41:03 -0500

wireless wrote:

> I am continuing to peruse the literature re the earth current transmission
> method and possibly may have a better idea of how it functions.  Information
> is being gleaned from  VLF Radio Engineering as well as from various texts
> in geophysics (one method of prospecting involves the injection of VLF into
> two electrodes in the ground).  It would seem likely that the system may be
> regarded as a loop in the vertical plane, the size of which is a function of
> the skin depth.  Skin depth is dependent on both the frequency of the signal
> applied and the conductivity of the medium.  For 136.5kHz, skin depth in
> ground of poor conductivity is of the order of 45 metres, whereas in very
> conductive ground it is 10-15 metres.  Rain on the surface may reduce the
> current flowing at depth considerably.  This assumption of a notional loop
> gives rise to a calculation of the inductance of such a loop (around 2mH).
> This agrees very well with my actual measurements.
> I have concocted the 'earth bipole' name as a compromise between the 'earth
> dipole' terminology referred to by the British Cave Radio Research group and
> the 'electric bipole' referred to in geological texts.  The term 'ground
> antenna' which I was using before seems, on reflection, rather too
> transatlantic and 'earth aerial' just does not feel right.
> John G0AKN  IO91LR   wireless@rmplc.co.uk