Paul L. Rinaldo
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:11:45 -0400


I'd like to thank Maitland Bottoms for his excellent talk on behind the
scenes of Internet websites at our April 9 meeting.

The evening of April 17 I'll be leaving for Geneva, where I'll be until May
1. I can be reached via ITU TIES, but you can continue to send email to or, which will be automatically
forwarded to me.

Then I'm going to Johannesburg, South Africa May 1 - 12. I plan to be
present for the May 14 AMRAD meeting to hear Tarry Fox's talk on HDTV
The weekend of 15-17 May I'll be in Dayton. After the 17th, I'll be home
for a while.

Please be aware that we have Digital Cameras on the agenda for the June 11
meeting. Those of you who have DCs, please bring them. Also, we'd all like
to see printouts of photos you' ve taken with DCs or have scanned in from
analog photos.

73, Paul, W4RI