More on Litz Wire

Robert E. Seastrom
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 08:59:55 -0400 (EDT)

   From: Andre Kesteloot <>

   My own reading of the results offered in that paper confirm that there is
   not much point in using litz wire below 200 KHz.

For our purposes, probably right.  I'd be interested in the rationale
behind the NSS use of litz -- I think this may be one of those cases
wherein things are "different" when you're talking power levels of
several hundred kilowatts.

RSGB folks: The reference above is to radio station NSS, a recently
decommissioned VLF station at the US Naval Academy about an hour's
drive east of Washington, DC.  Several of us from AMRAD were part of a
group of a couple hundred hams that went through the facility on a
tour last weekend.  They had coils made of what looked like about 5000
MCM (as big around as my wrist in any case) litz wire.  This was
confirmed later when we talked with former employees about the spools
of it found out back.