More on Litz Wire

André Kesteloot
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:39:39 +0100

My opinion is that what we saw was a huge capacitor, and that the 1200 ft tower
was only there to somehow support mechanically the upper plate of that
capacitor. I do not think that the tower could radiate, both because of the
feeding system, and because it was too short to do so.
André N4ICK
Elton & Nancy Sanders wrote:

>  I think the tower guy said that the feed lines were attached to copper
> strap that went
> from where the feed lines were attached to the tower to the top feeding the
> 3 panels of
> the antenna.
>                                         Sandy
>   It
> >seems to me that at 21.4 KHz it would resemble an end loaded,
> >crooked half-bowtie monopole leaning over toward the south.
> >Maybe I ought to model it on MiniNEC...