Transatlantic on 136 KHz

Peter Dodd
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 11:50:08 +0100

>From Peter Dodd, G3LDO

 Hi TacoGang,

You may have received the following e-mail regarding amateur test 
transmissions in the 136kHz band.

"Our experiments on 136kHz in Europe show that distances of
 over 1000miles can be achieved fairly regularly (on aural CW). I have
 worked OH1TN several times cross band on 137kHz/80m several times and
 2-way on 137kHz once. The distance is 1860km. The openings are
 usually, but not always, fairly short.
 It would seem that a trans Atlantic path is possible on 136kHz.

 To test this out I will be sending test transmissions on 137.5kHz
 from 2300UTC until 0600UTC every evening that the weather permits
 from tonight onwards. These transmissions will be very slow morse
 with a dot period of about 3 seconds and will just be my call G3LDO
 repeated. This transmission would be visible on a computer waterfall display.

 Our experience indicates that 137kHz band conditions are good when
 160m conditions are good..

 If you are interested perhaps you could let me know if the frequency
 I have chosen is reasonably clear. The band is from 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz."

I have been transmitting on 137.4kHz in slow morse when the situation 
allows but so far no reprorts or even an e-mail as to if anyone is 
interested. I think it might be better if I can find someone who is 
interested and arrange the transmissions to their conveniance. For 
example is the frequency band usable at the USA end. If so what is 
the best frequency between 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz? What is the best 
time? A good propagation marker is probably the BBC long wave station 
on 198kHz.
Is anyone interested? It could eventually result in a cross-band QSO.

Regards, Peter, G3LDO