Surplus 900-MHz Radios from AMRAD

David V. Rogers
Mon, 11 May 1998 14:49:16 -0400

In December 1996 I sent out an email asking for any interest in
some 30-35 digital radios for the 928-960 MHz frequency range.
AMRAD had been given these radios, and had planned to do some
project with them; project never materialised and I think it is
time I passed them on to good homes.  (They did not end up at the
dump (yet) as I had mentioned last time.)  I am sending this
message to tacos as well as those of you who indicated a specific
interest.  Those who indicated interest still have first crack at
the number of radios you requested.  Any other intrested parties
should speak up now.  A quick response would be appreciated, as I
would like to give these to someone going to Dayton for transfer,
at least to the folks.  Any volunteers for transport to
Dayton?  Realise it is this Wed/Thurs.
The radios were transceivers (split frequency) that transmitted
credit card billing/authorisation data from a local retail store
back to a central processing point, all in this area.  The
proprietary EMPROMs were taken out, so some modification will be
necessary to get them working.  However, my belief is that the RF
deck functions; the digital portion may need some work.  These
are low-power (3-8 watts?) but can be followed by an amp.  A few
antennas (omnis) are available.  Unfortunately, we have no
documentation for these radios, so you are on your own; sharing
of information would probably be appreciated.  As Andre (N4ICK)
mentioned, at least they are a source of good parts for the
900-1200 MHz range.
Again, would appreciate feedback (yea/nay) from those previously
indicating interest, and would like to move them out of here
73 de Dave (K9RKH)