[Fwd: LF: The Crocodile Philosophy]

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:08:26 -0400

Peter W. Schnoor wrote:

> Peter,
> Peter Martinez wrote:
> > [...]
> > To
> > me it seems to be against the spirit of the hobby to just try and get
> > the biggest signal out over the widest area without being able to
> > receive signals from the same area. This would be taking the hobby
> > away from two-way communication into broadcasting.
> I agree! But I would be happy to observe only *one*
> signal from UK. Until now I was not able to detect
> any signal except from strong commercial...
> > I think this is probably the consensus view. Certainly the licensing
> > authorities seem to want to encourage two-way communication and
> > discourage broadcasting, since they specify that stations should (a)
> > be equipped to receive on the band they transmit on, and (b) make
> > no transmissions to "no-one in particular" except to solicit a
> > two-way contact (incidently, doesn't this mean that beaconing is
> > illegal?)
> Hmmm, I would be glad to have a license to transmit,
> even at milliwatt level...
> > With this in mind, I note the plans of G0AKN to operate from Devon
> > with 1 kW into a kite. If it's similar to mine, he will radiate +6dBW,
> > will be S9 over the whole of the UK, and probably S6 as far away as
> > Switzerland and Finland.
> Oh, I hope he will produce an audible signal here
> in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, at the Danish border!
> > [...]
> > I wonder if this is the direction we should be heading? Are we in
> > danger of splitting into two sub-hobbies, one consisting of people
> > that try to transmit the biggest signal as far away as possible, and
> > the other trying to receive the weakest signals, rather than all of us
> > trying to communicate? There's an area of conflict here which we
> > should keep our eye on.
> I do understand You, Peter! But until I -and I
> think many other hams would agree- could not
> receive any signal, waving the soldering iron
> around, what kind of conflict could You have
> in mind? *I* hope to hear Your signal! There is
> mainly the North Sea between us... 8-)
> 54°16´N / 10°04´E
> 73 es gl de DF3LP
> Peter