Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 20:10:51 -0400


I'm writing this from Hartford, CT after having gone to Geneva and Munich,
and having attended the ARRL Board Meeting July 17-19.

In Geneva, I particpated in the US delegation to ITU-R Study Group 8 (land
mobile, radiodetermination, amateur) and obtained approval on a Question
and 4 Recommendations relating to the amateur services.

In Munich, I was at ITU-R Task Group 1/5 dealing with unwanted emissions...
mostly out-of-band emissions for all services and spurious emissions from
space services. Some spurious emission limits for space services (including
the amateur-satellite service) were agreed. OOB emission limits for the
amateur services were not agreed and will be taken up at the next meeting
of in Phoenix in January.

The noteworthy outcome of the ARRL meeting was adoption of a motion to ask
the FCC to restructure the Amateur Radio license classes. There should be
an ARRL Bulletin on the subject on  http://www.arrl.org by the time your
read this. The FCC is reportedly developing proposals of its own as part of
its review process, due to be released soon.

I mailed the Part 5 license application for 136 kHz along with a $40.00
check from the AMRAD treasurer before I left home on July 5. (Hopeufully,
they will accept $40 to cover all licensees, not $40 each.) I don't know
how long the FCC will take to issue the license otherwise respond. It could
be a few months because government frequencies are involved.

The League should shortly be filing its petition for LF allocations at
135.7 - 137.8 kHz and 160 - 190 kHz. Don't expect any immediate action
because this has to go through the full FCC process and be coordinated with

I'll be back home on Tuesday, July 21 and around for two weeks. See some of
you at Tacos July 25 and Aug 1. 

Stay cool.

73, Paul, W4RI