[Fwd: LF: Re- LX1PD]

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 09:42:55 -0400

Peter Dodd wrote:

> Just received a QSL card from Jules, LX1PD, with a description of his station.
> The transmitter PA uses 16  PL36s in push-pull parallel driven by 4
> PL508s in push-pull parallel. This lot is powered directly from
> 3-phase mains via a voltage doublers and will produce 1750watts but
> the antenna system can only handle 1000 watts at the present time.
> The antenna is 200ft long, L shaped, with 70ft vertical, base loaded
> with 4.35mH and tuned with a separate ferrite variable inductor.
> The driver and receiver is a modified Drake TR7.
> --
> Regards, Peter, G3LDO
> <g3ldo@zetnet.co.uk>