so much for kites during the summer...

André Kesteloot
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 12:24:52 -0400

Peter Martinez wrote:

> >From Peter Martinez G3PLX Kendal Cumbria.
> The winds have not been favourable for many weeks now so I have
> not been active. On the two occassions that the wind was good
> recently, I had great difficulties launching and recovering the kite
> because my field and those surrounding it now have cattle in them.
> These cattle are very inquisitive and seem to be attracted to
> anything that looks like a large plastic bag that might contain food
> pellets. This means they go towards the kite on the ground and risk
> getting caught in the lines. There's another hazard with cattle at this
> time of year: the bull is in the herd too!
> I have decided it's too difficult, so will not be doing any more kite
> flying until there are no longer cattle in the fields. Depending on the
> weather, this will probably be about October. The fields will then only
> contain sheep and I can again be active on transmit. I can still
> listen, however, if anyone wants me to listen for low-power DX
> signals with the narrow-band stuff.
> 73
> Peter