[Fwd: LF: Ground systems]

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 16:17:15 -0400

dave wrote:

> Interesting comments from Ha-Jo.
> I see a parallel here between kite portable on 136 and mobile operation on
> 160. I have found in the past that putting down earth stakes etc. when
> operating portable on 160 from the car, reduced the signal radiated so I
> believe his results with the earth stake reducing the efficiency of an
> elevated radial system. The point must come, however, when the "real" earth
> is good enough to take the major role in supporting the aerial system.
> Where does this point come..... presumably when the earth resistance of the
> real earth at signal frequency is lower than the radials?
> I am thinking of my portable (/A really) operation in GM, should I not have
> bothered with any stakes at all and gone for a raised counterpoise system?
> Evidence from Ha-Jo and myself would seem to indicate that this is probably
> the case, more so where the ground is poor.
> I need to go somewhere where the ground is good and try elevated radials
> and earth stakes to see what results I get. I am already convinced that
> elevated radials are better over poor ground.
> Too much static to listen for Marco today, will try on Sunday morning if
> he's on.
> 73, Dave G3YXM