Useful DSP websites

Bob Bruhns
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 00:14:41 -0400

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As I drove home from Thursday's meeting and pizzafest with my PC
strapped into the back seat, naturally I had to jam on my brakes.  And
of course, my PC slipped out of the seatbelt, flipped over off the seat
and hit the floor with a sickening THUD.  Sure enough, when I got it
home, it wouldn't boot.  And a small dent has appeared in the cover.

  Fortunately, the booting problem was just a memory module that got
knocked loose, and that's fixed.  A little body work on the cover, and
I'm good to go.

  With that out of the way, here are some useful DSP websites.

  Randy - there'e RTTY stuff on the

  Bob, WA3WDR
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Demo Blaster
Demo version of Ham Blaster by K6STI, runs for a few minutes then dumps back to Windows.  If you 
register and pay, you get a license that lets it keep running.  Program's pretty good.  Full duplex on 
Soundblaster sound card.

Phil Karn
Lots of interesting ideas and information on digital modes.

Full of great Hellschreiber stuff.  But now I'm told they aren't TRUE Hellschreiber.  Oh well...

Gram 4.2.4
Great spectral analysis tool.

More stuff than you will ever be able to use.

FIR filter devel. code
(More of same)
If you want to work up a set of FIR filter parameters, you need this kind of stuff.  There are other files too.

Hamview or
Nice contribution by Alberto DiBene.   Spectral display, full duplex on Soundblaster card.

DSPBOX for SK   (not sure if "freeyellow" also carries DSPBOX)
Another gift from Alberto DiBene.  Makes TI DSK emulate a Timewave. Don't have a DSK, haven't tested.