Balloon Flights

David V. Rogers
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 10:37:06 -0400

Something a came across which may impact AMRAD considering our
previous efforts at a balloon package, or maybe something we want
to get into.  As I remember, we did something like this for a
balloon flight which never took place.

The information is from the FAR Minutes of 12th August 1998:

Quote: Pat Kilroy (WD8LAQ) made a presention to the FAR trustees
in attendance for support of the SimSat project.  In short, this
project is a series of high-altitude balloon flights with
experiments for local schools, NASA provided Pat with a $3000
grant from their education fund.  Pat's proposal is for financial
support from FAR for the equipment to provide a cross-band
repeater for amateur use on the flights, in the amount of
approximately $1000.  The funds would go toward the purchase of
two (2) Kenwood TH-79A handheld transceivers, one (1) BT-9
alkaline case, and one (1) PB-33 high-capacity NiCad battery.  It
was decided that the first of two votes would be taken at the
next FAR trustees meeting.  Pat encouraged all trustees to check
out his web page for more information at,
(  End Quote
73 de Dave (K9RKH)