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Thanks very much for your help and the fast reply. Please forward this
info to any interested parties:
CARA meets on the 4 th Tuesday of every  month , except for Dec., at
7:30  at the Bethany United Methodist Church in Ellicott City, Md. The
club meetings in Jan. and Feb. usually do not have any guest speakers .
So after the Nov. 24 meeting the next opening for a speaker would be in
March, 1999.  
In order to get a timely announcement of the speaker and topic in the
club newsletter, I normally need 3-4  weeks lead time before the
meeting. ( For our Oct. 27 meeting this lead time is increased because I
will be out of town for three weeks starting this Saturday ,Sept. 19. So
if anyone would like to take the Oct date, I need to hear from them very
Our newsletter editor is always interested in material of interest to
the members. If someone would like to put in  a short article on VLF
reception, send it to me, I will forward it to the editor.
Mike, AI3I

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> From: 	Randy Mays
> Reply To: 	randy@pobox.com
> Sent: 	Monday, September 14, 1998 4:04 PM
> To: 	Morris, Michael S.; Tacos
> Subject: 	Re: Speaker on VLF
> Mike,
>     Thanks for your note.  We have several people who might be
> interested in
> giving a presentation and I am forwarding your note to them.  73,
> Randy
> Morris, Michael S. wrote:
> > Randy,
> > I am the VP of the Columbia ARA . I read in the Sept  AUTOCALL  that
> > AMRAD will have a speaker on VLF receiving. I wondered if the
> speaker
> > would be interested in coming to a CARA meeting to talk on that
> subject.
> > Could you put me in touch with him / her ?
> > Mike Morris, AI3I