[Fwd: LF: Re: Re: LF 136KHz RTTY signals]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 20:11:12 -0500

Steve Olney wrote:

> G'day Dave,
> Thanks for your info..  At that moment my antenna is just a short whip
> indoors, so I probably can only receive local beacons at this time.  I will
> do a run starting just on sunset here and acquire about 4 hours of data to
> see if I can receive the RTTY signals on such a small antenna. I have been
> out of action for a period of time but now am looking forward to building
> an external shielded loop antenna.  Mike (ZL4OL) has sent me a South
> Pacific Beacon list and he tells me that you have compiled a good one also
> including position references.  Sometime later, when I have progressed
> further I might ask you to post that.  By the way, for your possible
> interest, here are the details of the two local beacons I can receive with
> my meagre antenna.
> 347KHz  RIC Richmond NSW        1000W (i/p not EIRP)
> Carrier Frequency       346997.35Hz
> Modulation Frequency    1012.46Hz
> 428KHz          GLF Glenfield NSW  (Listed in all my sources as 317KHz) 15W i/p
> Carrier Frequency       427996.56Hz
> Modulation Frequency    1013.77Hz
> If you have time I would interested in your 180KHz setup (power, antennas)
> as I have applied for a Scientific licence, and if approved, I would like
> to set up a station here.
> Regards
> Steve Olney VK2ZTO
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