Server down-time and blank messages from owner-tacos
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 03:26:18 -0600

Greetings all.

The Amrad internet server suffered some down time starting Friday,
November 13th, due to some disk corruption issues.

This outage resulted in broken mail server behavior including the
loss of messages to the tacos reflector, bounced messages, and the
distribution of blank messages via the tacos mailing list.  The Amrad
web site was also unavailable for some time.

As a point of clarification: actually sends ALL
of the messages that you receive via tacos. Normally the original
sender's identity is also listed, so you don't notice that owner-tacos
is ever involved.

** There was no malice involved in the transmission of the blank **
** messages, it was merely a system error.                       **

The admin team was unable to respond to the crisis in as timely a
fashion as we would have liked.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Ron Luse,  KD9KX
Amrad co-system-administrator