Electronics Project

Randy Mays randy@pobox.com
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:56:42 -0500


    I am forwarding your note to the AMRAD members for their ideas.

    You might do a Web search on "APRS," or go to the www.amrad.org
Web page and look at the APRS links.  APRS couples a GPS receiver to a
ham radio transceiver.  There is associated software which displays
the location of the transmitter.

    Where are you going to school??


Randy Mays

Joel Gibson wrote:

>   Hi,     I'm looking into working on a project at school in
> developing a tracking device.  This is a device that could track
> another person if they had the tracking receiver or a car etc ... we
> were thinking about using some sort of Radio broadcast to track
> something based on the istance that it is away from the receiver.  I
> was hoping that you may have some ideas/projects/schematics on
> something similar to this idea.  Thank you so much, I look forward
> to hearing from you.  :-)     Regards,     Joel
> jgibson@execulink.com