New version of Hamview

Alberto Di Bene
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 17:53:55 +0000

Version 2.10 of Hamview has been just uploaded to :

HAMVIEW is a freeware program that:

- gets an audio signal either from a Sound Blaster(TM) compatible card or
  from a .WAV file
- performs a windowed spectral analysis on the incoming signal
- displays the signal spectrum on the video screen using a carefully matched
  color scheme
- performs some enhancement on the signal using signal processing methods
- plays the filtered signal at the output of the audio card
- and last but not least, all these goodies are done in real time! (well, to
  be honest with about one second of delay from the input to the output,
  due to the data windows used for signal analysis and processing).

The program was especially developed for radio amateurs interested into all
those communication techniques where signals very close to (or more often
below) the receiver noise floor are used, like EME, VLF, and so on.

All the hardware needed is:

 - a Pentium computer with MS-DOS or PC-DOS 6.xx or greater
   (a W95 DOS session is OK). Windows NT is not supported, as the program
   needs to talk directly to the hardware, bypassing any driver, and this
   is not allowed under NT.
 - a Creative SB16 sound card or better. Compatible cards should work, provided
   that 100% hardware compatibility is assured, and the card is full-duplex

What's new in version 2.10 ?

- New INI file management (many more settings are now remembered)
- Passthrough mode (useful when tuning, as the audio delay is suppressed)
- Now both output channels are driven (this was a bug in the previous versions)
- The output volume is adjustable with cursor Up and Down keys
- The local time is diplayed at the full minute
- New graphics library, which means more compatibility with various video cards
- The East/West indicator has been moved to the bottom of the display
- Improved .WAV files management
- Medium speed and Fast speed modes added, dynamically changeable from the
- A few bugs have been exterminated

Enjoy, and, please, do bugs reporting ! Thanks.

Alberto di Bene