LF Reception test ?

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 08:04:32 -0500


Several members of Amrad are planning to spend the 13-15 February 1999
week-end (a holiday week-end here in the US) in the LF listening mode,
as it is during the winter months that the noise (thunderstorms, etc.)
is the lowest.

To that effect, some of us will be spending that week-end in Nags' Head
(a sea-side resort located just below the Virginia / North-Carolina
border, about 5 hours by car from Washington) with as much receiving
equipment as we can carry.

We will be setting up camp at the summer residence of Frank Gentges
AK4R, but will also try to listen from neighboring places that do not
have electric power, and hence may offer less man-made noise.

The path between the UK and the North-Carolina coast is almost entirely
over water.

We shall be listening for (in no particular order) :
* North-American aero-beacons
* Lowfers (in the 160-190 kHz band)
* European Broadcasting stations (156-250kHz)
* British amateurs on 136 kHz. (at regular, and slow speed)

We could probably be ready to listen from AK4R's home starting at 00:00h
UTC on Saturday 13 February while we could go portable during the whole
day on Sunday 14 or Monday 15,  at whatever time British Amateurs would
want to transmit.

We probably need to start thinking of schedules, so that the UK
transmitting stations may know when to transmit, and the US receiving
stations may know when to listen, and to what   :-)

Comments, please?

Thanks in advance, and 73

Andre'  N4ICK