More beacons

Andre' Kesteloot
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:47:40 -0500

Hi Tacos Gang,

Tonight I went back to the scene of the crime (OK, the parking lot of
the Dolley Madison Library where we tested my new pre-amp yesterday
evening) with the same pre-amp, the same remotely-tuned antenna and the
same BC receiver, and heard at 20:45 local time:

198kHz    DIW    Dixon    Dixon    NC    34-34N  77-27W
212kHz    ESN    Easton   Easton    Md    38-48N    76-04W
216kHz    CLB    Carolina Beach    Wilmington    NC     34-06 N
237kHz     EZF    Shannon     Fredericksburg     VA     38-15N

I was located at  38-93N  77-18W
Hence my best DX this evening was 34N --77W or 330 miles or 530 km

Things are cooking... :-)
Andre'  N4ICK