TJ High School

Frank Gentges
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 21:43:33 +0000 (GMT)

As I have mentioned to several AMRAD members I have been talking to the 
staff at Thomas Jefferson High School about our becoming involved with 
them.  They are very much interested.  I had a discussion with them today 
and this is what we have worked out.

They have "8th" hour class periods when they can work on various projects 
and subjects of interest.  Amateur radio fits very well into this 
structure.  We will make presentations of about 1 hour on January 20th to 
students that have come to find out if they are interested. (Some have 
already asked about amateur radio).  Those presentations will start at 
2:20 and 3:20.

Amateur radio sessions will be held starting at 2:20 each Wednesday 
thereafter at least through the 24th of February.  These can be either 1 
or 2 hour sessions depending on what we want and what the students want.

Obviously a first order of business is license classes.  More than one 
hour at a sitting seems to be too much.  In the second hour, if we  
choose to use it, we could have more general discussions of amateur radio 
and to pursue what the future of amateur radio might be.  I think these 
students may give us some good insights if not immediatly , then further on.

I need ideas suggetions and help with the 20 Jan presentation.  We need 
to present amateur radio as a technology hobby that complements the 
current high interest in computers.  We will be just back from our LF 
outing to Nags Head.  We need pictures and perhaps video tape.

I'll be at Tacos this coming Saturday looking for your inputs.  You can 
email me at with your ideas also.

Frank K0BRA