[Fwd: [Lowfer] DX camp results]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 16:06:06 -0500

Jacques d'Avignon wrote:

> Good  morning:
> The results of the DX camp were FANTASTIC!  The LW band was hot and
> on Saturday night the conditions were so good that we could listen on
> the speaker, to Anne Murray's songs being broadcasted by Iceland on
> 189. Many Icelandic Xmas songs were heard during the evening.
> Iceland on 189 normally appeared around 21:00 UTC and could still be
> heaed around 11:00 UTC.  The best quality was in the middle of the
> night here.
> I personnaly logged close to 100 beacons and the following countries
> were logged on LW:
> Ireland, France (2), Britain, Germany (2), Morocco (2), Iceland and
> possibly Turkey and Poland.
> One Lowfer was copied on Friday afternoon:  KRY.
> Missing was the  "Bubbler"  !!!  See Lyle's message...
> The camp is located at 44 47N 77 46W
> Antenna was a 1000ft Beverage terminated in a counterpoise aimed at
> Europe, an unterminated 500ft Beverage aimed due south, the receivers
> used were a mix of Icom, Drake and Kenwood.  Ancillary equipment
> ranged from DSP filters, active antenna for phasing purposes, Datong
> LF converter and many others.
> Reception conditions were excellent till Saturday afternoon when a
> buzz appeard on the LF band.  This happened after a rainfall and we
> suspect that it was leakage across the insulators of high voltage
> feeder lines but the LF signals could still be copied in the buzz.
> Personnaly, I feel that the conditions were the best that I have seen
> on LF in the last 5 to 10 years.
> A merry Christmas to all.
> Jacques
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