TJ High School

Frank Gentges
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 00:48:09 +0000 (GMT)

Andre and Tacos,

I talked to the libraian at TJ today and found they have only 2 books on 
amateur radio.  She agreed they need more and her father is a ham so she 
understands what amateur radio is about.  Any donations would be well 
received so check your bookshelf for good amateur books and magazines.

I am thinking that we will use a two hour period each Wednesday.  First 
hour would be on licensing work and the second hour on doing things like 
Andre's regen receiver and the like.  I think that would be a good 
starting project.  Any other second hour thoughts?

Frank K0BRA

On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, Andre' Kesteloot wrote:

> Frank Gentges wrote:
> > As I have mentioned to several AMRAD members I have been talking to the
> > staff at Thomas Jefferson High School about our becoming involved with
> > them.  They are very much interested.
> Frank is to be congratulated for his efforts. I would suggest that we also get
> other members to help along here, particularly Milton KR4FR who is our Education
> Referent (see back page of newsletter)
> > Obviously a first order of business is license classes.
> I am not sure that we want to start necessarily with licenses. What the outcome
> should be , IMHO, is that get kids interested in radio. How about first hooking
> them into making things work, like simple superregeneration receivers?  (I
> happen to have a very simple circuit that works like a charm)Once they are
> hooked, then we can talk about transmitting, for which a license is indeed
> required
> We should also definitely suggest that they come to Tacos and the Library
> meetings
> > I need ideas suggetions and help with the 20 Jan presentation.  We need
> > to present amateur radio as a technology hobby that complements the
> > current high interest in computers.  We will be just back from our LF
> > outing to Nags Head.  We need pictures and perhaps video tape.
> yes, Rosalie White at ARRL Hqs has that kind of stuff
> By all means, let us pursue this
> 73
> Andre'