TJ High School

Andre' Kesteloot
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 10:45:33 -0500

Frank Gentges wrote:

> Andre and Tacos,
> I talked to the libraian at TJ today and found they have only 2 books on
> amateur radio.  She agreed they need more and her father is a ham so she
> understands what amateur radio is about.  Any donations would be well
> received so check your bookshelf for good amateur books and magazines.

I will donate a couple of recent ARRL Handbooks, and a disparate collection of QSTs

> I am thinking that we will use a two hour period each Wednesday.  First
> hour would be on licensing work and the second hour on doing things like
> Andre's regen receiver and the like.  I think that would be a good
> starting project.  Any other second hour thoughts?

Let me dig up some of the AMRAD Newsletter issues in which I published all sports of
stuff on regenerative receivers, including that little gem.Shall try to remember to
bring it on Saturday