Happy Happy

David W. Borden dborden@laser.net
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 19:41:03 -0500

December 24, 1998

K8MMO Headquarters, Oakton, Virginia
For Immediate Release
Widest Distribution
For Use In Any Way You Want

Happy Holidays To All AMRAD Board Members, Officers, Staff, General
Members, and Horse Holders.
May the new year bring you even better computer controlled electronic
radio/tv/web toys.  Remember
one of our many mottos:

If it aint broke, reengineer it.

Try in the coming year to do something neato and write about it in the
AMRAD Newsletter.  You get
extra points if it actually works and even more points if you can explain
the theory behind it (with 
or without math).

And this includes Neal (wherever you are), Bill Schultz (HXF), and all
current and fomer members of the GLGCA (Government
Lawyers and Grass Cutters Association).  May you order your beer with even
smaller and better 
handhelds this year while riding your garden tractors.


P.S.  A special thanks to our Esteemed Loyal President Emeritus for firing
us up on the
frequencies of our fathers (without the spark gap).