15-17 January tests

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 12:42:17 -0500

Hello Peter,

Several of us are definitely planning on being in the LF receiving mode
in Nags Head starting Friday 15 January circa 2200 GMT, and we intend to
stay there through Monday 18; 2400 GMT (or maybe even later that that).

The precise location will be at Oregon Inlet, N35 degrees 47.616
seconds, W75 degrees 32.211
seconds.  This location will be sufficiently away from electric power
lines. Our equipment will be battery operated, but we will also try a
portable gasoline generator with a  _long_  (200 ft) extension cord.

We will have two separate receiving setups:
a) one which will seek specific transmitters, and
b) another which will record the whole 136 Khz band on the audio track
of a video camera (that recorder, whose capstan is driven by the camera
sync pulses, will be therefore fairly stable in terms of speed). The
results of that recording will then be transferred to CD rom for further
(DSP) analysis once we get back to civilization.

You had previously offered to transmit slow morse with your new 1 watt
ERP transmitter. Could you let us know your intended frequency?

Furthermore, will there be anyone else in the UK that would be able to
transmit in the 136 band at a given time, and whose beacon transmissions
we could rely upon to be present ?

Casual receiving tests here last week revealed that we were able to
receive several European Long Wave broadcasting stations circa 2200 GMT
several days in a row.

Happy New Year
and 73

Andre'  N4ICK