Digital Signal Processing

AMRAD has been actively involved with Digital Signal Processing for many years. Originally, we used the Motorola 56000EVM board, and various TI DSP evaluation boards.

As PC computing power has increased, the use of special-purpose DSP CPUs and boards has diminished significantly. Today, many DSP functions are being handled by the normal PC or MAC (desktops or laptops).

AMRAD (and Terry WB4JFI) still have some of the special-purpose DSP hardware and software, but is VERY RARELY used.

Some related DSP information (temporarily shown):

DOS-based spectrum analyzer: dosanalyzer

SM5BSZ hardware/software: sm5bsz

Additional information will appear here soon.

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Mel Seyle (W4MEL) and Terry Fox (WB4JFI) mods to Edson’s sdr_shell (Linux):


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