AMRAD Microcontroller Applications

Single-board microcontrollers such as the BASIC Stamp, PICAXE, and Arduino and small-board computers like the Raspberry Pi have great potential for amateur radio applications. AMRAD is promoting the development of transmitters, receivers, test equipment, and station accesories utilizing microcontrollers.

AMRAD Microcontroller Projects

  • AndrĂ© N4ICK has developed an Arduino-based DFCW beacon for the 479 KHz Band and demonstrated it at the June 2013 meeting.

  • Karl, W4KRL, is developing a stand-alone touch screen LCD display controller for the miniVNA vector analyzer. He displayed a working version at the 2013 Vienna Wireless Winterfest. You can follow his progress on his website at

  • Alex, N3DER, has several AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) boards incorporated into dial-controlled VFOs.

  • Jeff, N6SDR, is exploring the use of an Arduino driving a stepper motor connected to a variable capacitor to remotely tune a magnetic loop antenna. Ultimately, the rig could communicate the operating frequency to the Arduino which would set the capacitor to the correct value with no tune up.

  • Hal, WB3KDU, is generating FM directly from a Raspberry Pi. See his article in the May/June 2013 Newsletter.

Suggested Projects

Add your project to this list - leave a comment in "Contact Us" at

+ SWR scanner with graphic display + Data logger to SD card
+ Morse decoder + Waveform generator
+ Station battery Amp-hour monitor + Final amp power supply sequencer
+ Audio switching among rigs, speakers and soundcards + Beacon controller
+ Cooling fan controller + APRS messaging and mapping
+ Transistor (or tube!) curve tracer + Repeater controller
+ Emergency generator overvoltage or frequency protector + Time domain reflectometer cable tester

Arduino Resources

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