Windows-based SDR software

Rocky (no source)

Rocky is probably the easiest, cleanest SDR package available. Written in Delphi by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA. It is available from Afreet Software. Source code is not available. Recent versions have added PSK31 operation and Si570 support to CW transmit modes. It can receive CW, SSB, and AM. Single- or limited Multi-band operation is available. This is a basic SDR program, without many of the bells & whistles of PowerSDR. See the website for more specifics. WB4JFI has used Rocky for over two years, it provides a very quick-and-easy way to test inexpensive SDR hardware, and can run (barely) on older 1GHz CPUs.

PowerSDR (source avail)



WinRad (source avail)




While Linrad is primarily used with Linux, it can also run under Windows,

Linux-based SDR software

Edson Periera's sdr-shell (source avail)

Edson's sdr-shell is a program designed to wrap around the DttSP sdr-core in Linux. It is written in QT C++, information and source is avaible from: sdr-shell page. At this time, it is receive-only. There have been several modifications made to sdr-shell by various hams. It uses jack (alsa, oss, or freebob) to interface to soundcards. Edson has a nice diagram at his web page that shows how the various software/hardware pieces interconnect.

John Melton's JAVA SDR-shell



Quisk (source available)

The Quisk SDR software oackage was written by James Ahlstrom in C and Python. It is available from Ahlstrom web site. It works under Linux with ALSA soundcard support and a Softrock, or the RFSpace SDR-IQ receiver. Quisk does NOT ues the DttSP sdr-core for dsp functionality. James has also designed a digital up-converter exciter (using Ethernet connectivity), which this software supports. In an article in the xxxx issue of QEX, James describes the hardware and software.

DttSP Software

Older DttSP (up to rev 48)

Mid DttSP (up to rev xxx)

Latest DttSP

Other SDR SW Information

W3SZ SDR and Linux information

W3SZ has put together a Getting Started with DttSP web page that shows how to interconnect DttSP/sdr-core, oss/alsa/freebob, jack, and Edson's sdr-shell or John's Java shell under Linux.


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